Ideas for Eco-friendly gifts for your father this year

Shopping for your father can be challenging but fun. Choosing a gift for your dad makes you use every grey cells you have while brainstorming what would be perfect for him. Dads are not easy to shop for, considering the fact that some dad’s have it all, there are some fathers that are not interested in many things. You also have the few that just like to take things slow. Well this year, you can do things a little different by opting for an Ecofriendly gift for your father. Here are some ideas that can give you a head start

Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Nespresso Pocket Knife

A pocketknife is one gift that will always come in handy but this one has a twist to it. This limited edition pocketknife is the feature of the year that the collaboration of Victorinox Swiss Army and Nespresso brings to you. The two powerhouses combined hands to bring out this 7 key functional pocketknife that is made from recycled aluminium.  It comes with a bottle opener, a screwdriver and a blade apart from the other functions that you get from a pocketknife and the price is $55 excluding taxes.  Click on this link now to get your hands on this limited edition pocketknife.

Polar Bottle Reusable Water Bottle

Founded in 1994, Polar bottle is a company known for their ecofriendly water bottles. The Father’s day ecofriendly gifts collection from this company is worth every penny spent.  This beautifully designed water bottle is not just eco friendly but also stylish, easy to carry and lightweight. The best part is that this beautifully designed bottle comes with a price that is easy on your pocket. You can buy it for just $19.99. You can purchase this bottle by clicking on this link.

The nose glasses holder – India

With a price variation of $16.50 – $17.50, the nose glasses holder is one of the best Gift ideas for father’s day. The wooden sculptured finely carved holder has a shape of a nose and mouth to make a stand that can hold your glasses or sunglasses. The variants of this holder are the regular and the one with a moustache. If you want to get your hands on this item, here is where you would need to go.

WaterHawk LED Showerhead

Do you have to keep on reminding dad to finish his shower? Does he take hours in the bathroom? If the answer to these two questions is YES, then this Ecofriendly gift for your father is perfect. This showerhead lets you know when it is time to go for a shower and the amount of water consumed.  This eco-friendly gift has a perfect combination of style and utility. It also has LED lights on it. Thinking of a bathroom renovation this father’s day? You can grab this one at

BBQ Branding Irons

It’s not necessary for Father’s day ecofriendly gifts to be recycled products, the product should be one that your father can use over and over again. If you are thinking about a gift idea for dad and he is the king of BBQ, then why not opt for the BBQ branding irons. These branding irons are available at Amazon. They come at various prices and styles. You can choose the branding iron based on your budget. If you want to have a look at the various branding irons, click on this link now.

Solar Powered Sport Watch

Your sporty dad will surely love this sport watch brought to you by Ironman. From style to class,  usability to feasibility, functionality to user friendly, this sports watch collection available on Amazon make the perfect eco-friendly Gift ideas for father’s day. The collection of solar powered watches includes names like Casino, Ironman, Timex and so on to add to the list. These solar powered watches are perfect for the great outdoors, casual meets, lazy afternoon by the lake or beach or even if there are some guests at home for a midsummer pot lunch. You can check out the huge collection by following the link mentioned.

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