Ideas to employ for reducing your reliance on plastic

Landfill sites are a major problem almost everywhere on this planet. Landfill sites are massive dumps of waste materials, and plastic is one material you get to see the most at such sites. Plastic is a poison for our environment but still the dependence of human beings on it is too much. Besides air, water, noise, and soil pollution, today there is one more kind of pollution having a bad influence on the environment and human beings, and that is plastic pollution.

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Plastic is certainly one of the most harmful things from the point of view of environment but we cannot ignore its benefits to the people as well. It enables us to carry eatables and water from one place to another without any leakage and more. However, this petroleum-based product has many disadvantages as well that demands us all to use it minimally. Let us see the following alternatives that can help us all reduce our reliance on plastic; thus, making this world a better place to live.

Choose reusable stuffs over disposable stuff

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The disposable things like glasses, plates, spoons, and some gift-wrap items are made of plastic. As they are disposable, people use them once and throw them away without thinking much about its proper and improper disposal. The better option is to use reusable products, the reusable plates, spoons, and other things so that your reliance on plastic automatically comes down.



Plastic packaging can be recycled easily; you can do it at home on your own or can take it to a recycling plant. Everybody must consider this problem to be a very big problem and ensure that any product in a plastic packaging they use, they should never throw it just like anywhere. They should always arrange for a proper disposal system that takes all the plastic packaging direct to the recycling plant where it can be reshaped for further use, and do not end up in a landfill site.

Choose paper bags over plastic bags

Choose paper bags

Freedom from plastic reliance demands a sea change in the habits and mentality of people. People usually carry plastic bags when they go out for shopping but one should start carrying paper bags and cloth bags. Carry jute or a cotton bag while going for a grocery or shopping. If everybody starts doing this, it will have a very good impact and plastic reliance will see a huge fall.

Bioplastics – a better alternative


Living a life without using plastic is not possible but living a life using less amount of plastic is certainly possible. Reducing the use of plastic is the best way to decrease level of plastic dependence, and to do this one should try to use things that are pretty good alternatives for the harmful plastic. Those replacements are eco-friendly, as they are biodegradable. They do not end up in landfill sites and pollute the environment. Such alternatives are known as the Bioplastics that are safe for food storage, ideal to store anything, are durable and flexible.

Spread the word

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Charity begins at home, and once you are aware of this cause and you yourself take considerable steps to avoid plastic reliance, you should try your best to spread this word around as well.

Plastic is not good for the environment, as it is a non-biodegradable substance that ends up in landfill sites and pollutes the air and water, thus, causing air and water pollution. It is not possible to live a life devoid of plastic usage but we all can certainly bring it much less in use. All of us should look for some plastic alternatives, which are eco-friendly.

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