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Ikka Halso makes art to intrude into haunts of nature

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Ikka Halso, the master artist from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, seeks to emphasize how trees illuminate with a serene radiance when they’re sensibly (?) treated. His upcoming exhibition, dubbed as Restoration, will showcase the same at Galerie Wagner + Partner from January 15th to March 6th, 2010. Restoration includes photographs wherein trees are provided a transparent scaffold. As all of these snaps are taken by night, the sheltered area is illuminated. Now, isn’t it an intrusion into the haunts of nature?

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In addition to Restoration, another work called Museum of Nature captures nature in its healing process. You could see trees and landscapes submitting to glass pavilions. Fittingly or forcibly, it’s the continuance of the same story. Don’t you think so?

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Via: Designboom