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Illegal logging, poor land use still risking rainforests

deforested rainforest

Rainforests across the world are facing dire consequences. According to a new report, only 5% of this vast forest base is being treated in a sustainable way. Agriculture and other development lead to clearing 12m hectares of the forest, each year. The International Tropical Timber Organisation report reveals all this.

Unless a better management for it is planned immediately; forests will continue to be lost in an irreversible way. But according to the report, many improvements are also being made. It says that an area of about Germany’s size is being well managed presently.

But, what is responsible for this indiscriminate clearing of the rainforest? It is ofcourse and as usual, illegal logging that is to be blamed for this degradation of millions of hectares of the forest. Poor land use is also another factor to be held responsible for the phenomenon.

Via: BBC News