Why is it Important for us to Act Now and Go Green

It is becoming important for everyone of us to take steps, which help to save our environment. Only by taking proper steps, we can ensure that our planet continues to remain safe for living. If you are still unsure why it is necessary to go green, then the points we are going to discuss here will help you gauge the importance of implementing eco-friendly measures in our lives.

 Eat Organic

Why  ?

Eat Organic and Local Food:

If you eat local as well as organic food then it will be quite beneficial for your health. As for example, one recent study shows that organic milk contains sixty-eight percent more Omega-3 fatty acids as compared to other types of conventional milk. In addition to it, buying locally means you will be playing your part in reducing transportation of food items from other places, which in turn will help to reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, which bring in the food items. If you purchase fresh foods then it would reduce the necessity for packaging while opting for organic foods will help in promoting organic agriculture.

Things we use:

Everything we use requires resources to producing it, be it your clothes, furniture or anything else. The thing you can do to help save the environment is to choose things created using green materials, as for example, organic cotton or sustainably harvested wood. Additionally, buying second hand goods or purchasing lesser amount of things will help to reduce the waste we generate.

 Renewable Power

Renewable Power:

Nowadays, electricity is used in everything we use and most of the electricity is generated in power plants using coal, which is the main source of pollution in the country. The best solution is to generate your own power using methods such as solar energy, wind power or buy renewable energy credits.

Transportation and Carbon Emissions:

The more we reduce our dependence on different transportation mediums such as car, the better it will be for the environment as there will be less carbon dioxide emission. You can look to ride a bicycle when going to nearby grocery store, use public transportation or walk as much as possible. Walking or riding a bike will be good for your health as well as lessen your carbon footprint.

 Clothes drying on clothesline

Clothing Choices:

The garments industry makes use of a lot of labor, materials as well as energy. The textile crops are grown using a number of pesticides while there are a number of chemicals, which are released in water from the dyes that are used for coloring the clothes. Cotton is one of the crops that rely on chemicals; therefore, opting for organic cotton can be quite beneficial for the environment. Similarly, while washing your clothes try to use detergents, which are eco-friendly to play your role in keeping the planet green.

Energy efficient homes:

Make sure the insulation in the house is proper, electricity is switched off when nobody is in the room and alternative sources of energy such as solar energy are utilized as much as possible in the house. Make use of natural lights as much as possible to reduce your requirement of using other light sources during day time, which can also help to save considerable amount of electricity, reduce pressure on power grids to produce more electricity and help you save money on your bills.

Aside from other green living practices, green medicines and medical practices have now become the latest in-thing for reasons which are never too hard to comprehend. Be it a Chiropractic clinic or a high-end hospital, all of these medical centers have now begun to incorporate sustainable energy solutions to run their organizations and deliver eco medicines that ensure no side effects.


We can do many things to go green and these steps help us in saving health of our family members, protecting the environment and lastly assist in reducing our expenditures, since many of the organic products are a lot cheaper than the normal products. Thus, it is a win-win situation, both for our personal lives as well as for the environment, if we choose the greener options.

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