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Inculcate the green habit of water conservation with Aquabox bathroom unit

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Water is one of the greatest necessities of human life. It is our duty to conserve as much water as possible in our daily lives, since it is precious and indispensable. Here is a new, ingenious project that enables one to do just that. This project enables one to collect, save and purify water for re-use in a bathroom. It is interesting to note that the product not only saves water but also has many other functions as well, so in a way various separate bathroom pieces have been blended to form this single useful and environmentally friendly water-conserving modular bathroom. Italy-based industrial designer Massimo Brugnera has designed this great product, which along with being highly functional, is also stylish.


This very functional and stylish product is the all-new Aquabox modular bathroom unit. This product fuses separate bathroom units into one single unit, which then collects and saves water. The most important component of the Aquabox is a gray water capture and purifying unit. This unit has a system to collect the wastewater from the drains of the sink and the shower. It then purifies that water, and can purify up to 80 liters. The purified and recycled water can then be used in the flushing system or for other activities like watering the plants in your flower garden and so on, by using an alternative retractable tap. The whole unit is quite compact and has many other interesting features like a rain shower, color therapy provisions, sauna facility and appropriate internal lighting.

The nature-friendly aspects

The Aquabox is a unique product, which conserves one of the most necessary component of day to day life. There are plenty of regions in the world which suffer from acute water crisis, so by using the Aquabox and saving water, one can do their bit in saving the environment. Apart from being green, this functional and stylish product can easily add a contemporary trendy edge to the interiors of your bathroom. The appropriate lighting also helps to save energy and lowers power consumption. Options like the color therapy and sauna make it a complete health package, which is environmentally friendly as well. It is great way to contribute toward saving the earth by choosing to live green!