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Indian city Bangalore introduces recycled bus tickets

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Lot has been said and heard these days about spreading awareness about environmental conservation. People around the globe are taking keen interest so that our ecology is maintained. Constant discussions are on regarding green homes, recycling of waste, usage of solar energy, conservation of water and energy etc etc. But have you heard about recycled bus tickets? India’s famous city Bangalore in its own way adds another feather to its cap by introducing the usage of recycled tickets in BMTC buses. Needless to say, a very strong and positive stroke towards making the city much more eco-friendly.

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Bangalore’s brush with innovation is not new. Continuing this trend, the Bangalore bus services have introduce recycled bus tickets. BMTC has decided to take this stand in order to prevent the BMTC from losing revenue which it does from the usage of expired bus tickets. Other than this, recycling tickets would also help the authorities to keep the stands much more neat and tidy

BMTC have involved authorities like Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure and Development (ABIDe) to initiate a awareness programme on recycling of used bus tickets. There are some definite advantages of doing so. Not only will it initiate proper recycling of paper, but it will also curb the usage of expired ticket by fraudsters. Waste management can be enforced at the same time.

BMTC also hopes to makes this initiative cost productive. Recycling of waste tickets will be a apt move to reduce the cost of printing the tickets over and over again. The Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) in collaboration with BMTC have taken up the project to spread awareness. At the same time make people understand the importance of this program and motivating them to participate in full force. Though making commuters dispose the used ticket in designated bins remains a cause of worry for the BMTC officials.

Materializing this initiative is a difficult task ahead. Only authorities cannot make it a success. Number of issues need to be looked upon . And one of the primary issues is to generate that volume of waste tickets which can be recycled.The waste ticket will then be sent to the recycling plant. This initiative can only be a success when the people of Bangalore pitch in their valuable contribution. Though it will not take much but definitely some counts of sincerity is must. Perhaps, an honest move from the citizens to make this uncommon ” go-green” move very common and also a huge success.

Source: MyBangalore

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