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Indian student’s eco-campaign empathizes with commoners


You do not always need huge investments to bring about something that demands care rather than finances. It goes so well with the efforts put by design students at India’s Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology in erecting a vertical, space-saving, bamboo garden. Even though a solar cooker made from used plastic cups and plates, sand-filled water filtration systems may fail to please a techno-geek, the project Captain Planet in the Making is still commendable since it definitely shows a positive intent to overcome temporary glitches. Truly impressive for a commoner for sure!

Have you ever seen an animal-powered water pump that makes the process of drawing water from a pump relatively easier than it is normally?

srishti 1

Vertical farming climbs up the ladder!

srishti 2

Plants growing in a mini-pond; amazing, isn’t it?

srishti 3

Some eco-tips:

srishti 4

Solar cooker in making:

srishti 5

srishti 6

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