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Indonesian villagers’ return home despite Volcano alerts

active merapi volcano

Reluctant to leave their homes in the beginning, even after high red alert, the Indonesian villagers who were moved from the slopes of the dire Mount Merapi volcano, are now back in their homes on Thursday. Even after they have been warned that a major eruption could come at anytime, the habitants there are ignoring the danger of the eruption.

Even though the volcano threw a fresh large burst of hot gas clouds yesterday, it could not stop the Kalibening village residents from leaving shelters, heading for home to stay there at night!

According to the Reuters, village head Mukidad told,

“Yesterday, around 1,600 people decided to return here.”

Triyani, an official at the Center for Volcanological Research and Technology Development in Yogyakart said,

the major lava dome that has built up in the current eruption phase had yet to collapse, the event vulcanologists fear could trigger a major deadly eruption.

Via: Reuters