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Seven innovative garden planters made using recycled materials

Bath tubs

Prettying up your home and surroundings can be done in a fast and easy manner. Using innovative ideas and thinking out of the box, it is possible to come up with quirky and cute items to place around your home and garden to make them stand out. Garden planters can come in different designs to suit your taste. But, have you ever thought of making them out of used materials? They do not have to be the ordinary run-of-the-mill styles either. And you save money by recycling old stuff for planters instead of buying a brand new one. Check out these cool and very innovative ideas for garden planters people have come up with.

1. Old shoes or boots

Old shoes

Yes, you heard right. You can use your old shoes to make a garden planter, so do not throw them out. All you need to do is line the insides with plastic and make a few holes through the shoes for water drainage. Next, fill the shoes with soil, leaving about an inch of space at the top. Plant seedlings at around the same depth you would when using a peat pot. As your shoes are much smaller than an ordinary planter, make sure you do not over water your plant and that the excess water is drained well. Note: You can use any type of shoe, even those with heels.

2. Old tires

Old tires

The idea of using old tires is not exactly new but you can shape them so they look presentable and pretty. Use tires that are well worn and start off at the sweet spot (the area that is easy to push in) by drawing circles all around the circumference. Next, using a strong and sharp knife, cut along the drawn circles and peel back the rubber. When all is done, flip the cut edges back so that it resembles a starburst. Clean the tire thoroughly and wait for it to dry. Then, use paint to color all over the tire. Fill it with soil, put in your seedlings and you are ready to watch your beloved plants grow.

3. Old paint cans

Paint cans

Old cans can be a pain to look at. So why not reuse them as garden planters? The more, the merrier. Get hold of as many as you can and paint them an intense shade of blue or any hue you fancy. Poke some holes for drainage and fill them up with soil. Plant your seedlings then hang up the cans in a line on a wall of your garden. Once the flowers bloom, they’ll make your ‘dull’ garden look so much prettier.

4. Old washbasins and sinks

Wash basins and sinks

Wondering how to make use of your old sinks can be tricky. Use them as a planter and you do not have to worry any longer. As long as they are not too cracked or crumbling, wash basins are ideal for growing plants as they are sturdy enough. Simply place it in your garden after giving it a good wash to clean grime and stains. Then, fill it up with some good soil and seedlings of tarragon, basil, parsley or nasturtiums to add color to your surroundings, water it and let nature take its course.

5. Old bath tubs

Bath tubs

Old bath tubs can be used to display water plants or pansies and violas. If you do not want to use it as a true base for your flowers then you can use it as a platform for flower pots. Line the inside with plastic and place stones or pebbles on the surface. Then, keep your potted plants on top with ferns to add a touch of variety. For growing water plants, add subsoil on the bottom, garden soil on top and a top layer of aquarium. Then, fill the tub with water a few inches deep and carefully plant your flowers.

6. Old lamp shades

Light fixtures and shades

Use your old lamp shades or light fixtures to grow beautiful flowers and even strawberries. Use a long plank of wood as a supporting stand and attach the light bulb screws. Next, take out all the wires attached to the shade or fixture and paint it the color of your choice or leave it as it is. Then, fill it up with soil and place it on the light bulb screws for support. Put in your seedlings, water well and see your plants grow.

7. Old bricks/concrete blocks

Used bricks or concrete blocks

Make use of old leftover bricks or blocks of concrete by using them as planter for your flowers. Concrete blocks work particularly well as they are hollowed out and you will not need to waste time doing it yourself. Simply fill the hollows with soil and plant the seedlings of your choice. Water well and within several weeks you should be able to see your babies grow.

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