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Five innovative products designed to reduce your shower time

Innovative products to reduce your shower time

It is said that a person uses minimum 80 liters of water while taking shower and this time accelerates if power/electric showers are used. Bringing water to the surface and filling our tanks with clean water is not an easy task. People waste a lot of water while showering in a hope to unwind by soaking themselves in warm water. Designers have come up with products that help conserve water and using it in a better way. Below is a list of five innovative products that have been used to reduce shower time.

1. Shower Curtain to reduce your shower time

Shower Curtain

This is one shower curtain that will make sure you get out of the shower as soon as possible, which in turn means consuming less water. Elisabeth Buecher has designed My Shower Curtain that inflates around a user when they shower. This means the user just has a few minutes to clean them before they get trapped. The curtain is nothing less than an eco warrior which is out to fight against water wastage in an ingenious way.

2. Shower Indicator to reduce your shower time

Shower Indicator

Showering is equivalent to wasting gallons of fresh water if time is not kept under check. If you are one amongst those who is not able to keep a track on time while showering, Shower Indicator is here to do that for you. The clean product will help reduce time taken to shower by making good use of integrated LEDs in various colors. The usage of different colored LEDs will be an apt indication of the time spent in shower. This will not only save precious water but also keep a check on electricity and energy sources.

3. Shower Brake

Shower Brake

Long, warm showers can soothe those frazzled nerves and help stress fly away out of the window. But, have you ever thought how much clean water goes down the drain just for a few minutes of relaxation? Dae Hyun Kim and Sang-in Lee have designed the Shower Brake keeping the ill-effects of wasting water in mind. It can also be used to control the pressure at which water will flow and even the temperature. Shower Brake will limit the shower time with the help of a set of controls. The user can flexibly set a quota in terms of water usage. When the set quota is consumed the ingenious product signals the same with the help of visual stats.

4. Intelligent Waterpebble helps reduce shower time to conserve water

Intelligent Waterpebble

Paul Priestman has come up with an ingenious way to conserve water. The designer has crafted a device named Waterpebble, which will calculate the shower time. It will keep an account of the amount of water that will flow down the plug hole. It comes wedged with lights that flash from green to red depending upon the total usage of water. To make sure water-wastage remained as low as possible make sure that the device always flashes the green light.

5. ShowerDrop saves water by cutting down the shower time

Shower Drop

ShowerDrop is an eco device that will send alert signals about the amount of water used while taking a shower. The attention-grabbing product comes stashed with a price tag of £10-12, which is nothing if you are serious about conserving fresh water. It will help delete extra shower time that wastes a lot of precious resources.

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