14 – Innovative ways to recycle old plastic bags

Cool chair

We waste millions of tons of plastic every year. Governments and local agencies all over the world are doing their bit of work to recycle old plastic bags. However, the process wouldn’t be complete unless the masses join the movement too. We won’t have to do anything special. Apart from buying eco-friendly products, by unleashing our creative potential, we can turn plastic waste into something very beautiful and useful. Doing so will give you a sense of satisfaction of contributing to the environment. The world of recycling is transforming everything into a useful and efficient product and there is no stopping to this green change.

Why recycle old plastic bags?

recycle old plastic bags


This process of recycling the old and non-useful commodities into something that is worth of keeping is highly appreciated all over the world and is now being developed in all the countries. All you need is an idea to convert these old stuffs into something new that is adorable and useful in some or other way. Some of the most recycled products are plastic bags. Plastic bags are one of the major sources of pollution and are non-degradable that makes them highly unhealthy for the environment. They can now be easily recycled into cool and attractive products that are less harmful and are worth of keeping in stock.

14 – Innovative ways to recycle old plastic bags

There are various such recycled products made out of plastic bags are available in market these days but only few of them are worth of making. So here is a list of 14 innovative ways to recycle old plastic bags.

1. Chicken figurine

Chicken figurine

This is a really cool transformation of the plastic bags into something that looks pretty. This chicken figurine is fully handcrafted and is completely made out of recycled plastic bag. This cool idea was developed in Cape Town of South Africa and was highly appreciated in a Fair trade art show. These are available in various colors to choose from and also imprinted are the logos of various Cola brands like Fanta, Coke, etc. It is priced at $10.99.

2. Mother Teresa inspired dress

Mother Teresa inspired dress

There is no stopping to the creative ideas and the ways these plastic bags can be used for making something useful. This is one such stunning creation which is entitled, Mother Teresa. It is especially designed by the French designer Frank Sorbier. The best part is that this cool dress is completely made out of recycled products and adds to the beauty of the person. The dress features awesome designs on it and was a part of the Fall-Winter 2008/2009. This dress was highly appreciated and is worth of keeping if you like being different.

3. Home lights made out of plastic bags

Home lights made out of plastic bags

The home lights are one of the easiest and most widely made products out of garbage products or plastic bags. The plastic bags have a new definition, and this new cool lamp is what defines a perfect recycled object with a touch of beauty and luxury. It is designed by a Swiss designer, Anne-Cécile Rappa. The designer came up with a series of such lights called Najah, Lazara and Ilham. These lights are awesome and are worth of keeping in stock.

4. Cool chair made out of plastic shopping bags

Cool chair made out of plastic shopping bags

This is a cool creation made completely out of recycled plastic shopping bags. This one is named as the Inkuku Zulu chair which is completely handcrafted and has awesome designs on it. Made as a piece of beauty, this cool chair is worth of keeping in stock if you like fashionable stuff. The inspiration of the design comes from the famous design which is adopted in the South Africa for the crafted chicken ornaments.

5. Water bottle backpack

Water bottle backpack

Carrying a water bottle often sucks when we are out for an adventure trip or for a desert safari. This is a cool creation made to get rid of carrying water bottle in hands while you are enjoying your trip. This gorgeous designed water bottle backpack is really adorable and is a good alternative option. It allows you to keep it around your chest and is provided with a water bottle space to keep your bottle. And the best part is that it is made completely out of plastic bags.

6. Boots made out of plastic bags

Boots made out of plastic bags

There is no limit of creativity and this unique creation proves that perfectly. Now it isn’t hard to recycle old plastic bags. You can easily transform them into cool trendy and stylish boots which is a rage these days. These ultra cool fashionable boots are highly preferred as they offer nice durability and are also cheap as they are made out of plastic bags. Go around the streets with these fashionable boots and make the world jealous by sporting these cool plastic transformed boots.

7. Handbags made out of plastic grocery bags

Handbags made out of plastic grocery bags

This is something made especially for all the girls out there and surely it is something special that will drive you all crazy. This is a new generation ultra cool with awesome designer handbags which are completely made out of recycled plastic grocery bags. The designs imprinted on these bags are awesome and add to the beauty of the person who carries it. These handbags are worth of keeping in stock if you like cool and awesome designed handbags which are readily available at affordable prices.

8. Toy

Plastic bottle

Plastic bottles are found a plenty nowadays. Everything from oils to water to other liquids come packed in plastic bottles. Recycling these plastic bottles is vital to ensure a green future. Here is a cool way in which you can recycle your plastic bottles. Take the bottle and fill it up with water and oil in equal quantities (between half to three fourths of the bottle). Add a bit of food coloring (a color of your choice). Throw in a little glitterati and close the cap of the bottle. Seal the top with some tape and you have a simple but enjoyable toy or a counter-top decoration piece.

9. Yarn holder

Yarn holder

How many times have we seen aunts and grandmoms having knitting problems because of the yarn getting entangled? Here is another cool solution from plastic bottles. Cut a broad bottle in half. Place the yarn ball in the bottom half of the bottle. Take the end and thread it out of the upper half through the mouth of the bottle. Now, using tape, seal the lower and upper halves of the bottle. This neat device will ensure that the yarn never gets entangled.

10. Plant waterer

 Plant waterer

Image Source : gardenersedge.com

When you plan a vacation, watering your plants often is a cause for concern and worry. Here is an elegant solution when the trip is for a few days. Make a hole at the bottom of the bottle. Take out its cap and plant the bottle in the pot alongside your plants. Bury it midway into the soil. Fill this inverted bottle to the brim with water via the hole that has been made. This will now act as the watering reservoir for your potted plants because the soil will only have some holding capacity which gets saturated soon. The holding capacity of plastic is 100 percent and this will keep the water for days. Be at peace and enjoy your vacation.

11. Water saver

Water saver

Most of the toilet flushes use more water than necessary. Though the option for a partial flush is available, more often than not, the full flush gets used. Take one or two small sized plastic bottles. Fill them up with water and cap them. Use a layer or two of tape to seal the bottle caps tightly and properly. Place either one or both the bottles in the toilet flush tank. There will be enough water displacement to save about half a gallon of water with each flush. In this manner, plastic that is considered non-biodegradable and non-green, can be made to function in a green manner to save water in flushes.

12. Holder

Plastic bottle plant holder

Plastic bottles can be made into varieties of holders also. Take a plastic bottle and cut it neatly into half. This can act as a mini pot for your plants. All you need to do is make a small hole at the bottom and fill up the half with soil. You could also decorate this cut half with some beads and strings as a pen stand for your table. Paint it with oil paint and it could double as your toothpaste and toothbrush holder in your bathroom sink. The possibilities are many with a little creativity.

13. Decorations

Christmas tree plastic bottle decor.

Image Source : cdn.mycrafts.com

You can light up your homes or the Christmas tree with plastic bottle innovations. For this, you will need perfectly transparent bottles. Paint the outer surface of the bottle with oil paints. Take out the cap and make two small holes in the neck of the bottle. Insert a small bulb into the bottle and connect it with wires from the two holes. These will form nice decorative items. You can also make the decorations without using the bulbs. Paint creatively and cut off the base of the bottle. Now make cuts in different shapes to give different looks to the bottle.

14. Gloves

use plastic bag as gloove

After such discussions on plastic bottles, we arrive to plastic bags. When doing ‘dirty’ work or cleaning stuff, use the plastic bags as gloves. You can even use these ‘modified’ gloves when you dye your hair or apply henna to it. These plastic sheets could also be used to seal glass jars and bottles which store oils and pickles.

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