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Innovative ways to Carve Your Life through Lean Management

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Carve Your Life through Lean Management

Recently, the students of LPU had the privilege of being the audience of one of the well-known and renowned speakers, Dr Prem Jagasi. The topic of his speech was well thought and was relevant to the needs of youngsters. One’s mental wellbeing is as important as their physical wellbeing. Despite this, the former is often overlooked in our society, especially in the younger generation. This is exactly what Dr Prem chose to address in his talk. 

Addressing depression:

He started off very well by explaining that there are plenty of  people in this world suffering from some or the other sort of mental crisis. A good number of students, employees, businessmen and even CEOs are prey to what we commonly know as ‘depression.’ A very good example of a plant in a pot was put forth. No matter how much a plant grows on the outside in terms of its leaves and fruits, the real growth is always in its roots. A plant or tree is only as good as its roots are.

Similarly, our material possessions may be a good reason for us to stand out and be exclusively respected in society, but the real peace and growth comes only from within. A disturbed mind, like a tree with unhealthy roots, can never bear good fruit. You shouldn’t be measuring your own, or anybody else’s growth in terms of their material belongings. Doing so will make you nothing but another of the insane herd of blind followers.

Reasons for depression:


Our way of life is the leading cause of the rising insecurity, and emotional and mental disorders in people nowadays. People tend to compare their real life with others’ reel life, and find the former to be dull and boring as compared with the latter. This issue has also been spoken upon by Dr Prem in this talk. He says that we live in a world of push notifications where everyone is intimately connected to one another. The continuous beeping of cell phone notifications and constant messaging takes a toll on the health of our mind.

How to tackle negativity:


Negativity is the root of all disorders that arise in your heart and mind: jealousy, insecurity, hatred, pessimism, and even suicidal tendencies; you name it and bet that it stems from deep-rooted negativity. Being an experience and ‘been there, done that’ individual himself, Dr Prem suggests his audience to reflect upon their actions in the sole company of oneself. He suggests meditating in isolation to find ways to deal better with your negativity.

The 7 Unique Ways to crave your life:

carve your life

As the topic of the speech is, Dr Prem has come up with 7 ways by means of which you can take charge of your life, drain out all negativity and ill thoughts, work on yourself, and carve your life the way you want it to be.

  1. Know yourself
  2. You are more than just DNA
  3. You are the ultimate source
  4. Everything that is within you
  5. Don’t compare
  6. Tackling identity clashes
  7. Addressing helplessness

These 7 steps are important to lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. The practical and ‘no-nonsense’ speaker that he is, Dr Prem has briefly, but very beautifully and patiently touched upon each of the above 7 steps in his talk. More can be read about this in Dr Prem’s upcoming self-help book ‘ 7 Ways to Carve your Life.’

Urging to help and contribute:

Accumulate and contribute

This was, by far, the best way to conclude an already wonderful speech. Depression, or any kind of issue which drains you of your mental  energy must not be kept behind curtains. It is not something to be ashamed of or looked down upon. Dr Prem urges his audience to look after one another as far as this issue is concerned. He makes a valid point with the help of an interesting story, that we need to be open to help others.

Final verdict:

inside growth

As quoted by a wise person and seconded by Dr Prem, we need not help a couple of million people in order to be great. You can help just few people and change their life which is enough to be counted as your contribution. This speech by Dr Prem is one of those that must be listened to. Instead of beating around the bush, Dr Prem sticks to his ideas throughout. The message conveyed is crystal clear, awakening, and motivating. It is highly recommended for the young lot who can definitely put such good advice to use in the long run.