Installing Green Roofs and Benefits that Follow

Modern architectural practices are majorly focusing on creating green designs for various elements of buildings. One of these important elements is a green roof on top of a sustainable building. While you can make these green roofs look stylish and modern, these also help in protecting the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions. Check out some major advantages of having a green roof on your building.

Better insulation

Better insulation

A green roof creates an effective insulation effect and minimizes the requirement for energy to maintain temperature variations. Its soil and plant layers absorb the natural energy from the sun and keep it stored. It efficiently controls both heat loss and heat gain. Thus, a green roof is a wonderful option for both summer and winter seasons.

Storm water management

A green roof is also beneficial for controlling storm water runoffs. It plays a significant part in modern drainage systems. You can slow down the runoff response by installing a green roof on your building. Thus, it is an effective way to manage storm water or create a sustainable drainage.

Sound reduction

You can also control the sound transfers in your building by installing a green roof. Such type of a roof does not offer sound insulation and is able to reduce noise levels by a significant amount.

Air quality improvement_1

Air quality improvement

A green roof cleans up carbon dioxide in its surroundings. It filters all pollutants and dust. It also does the same from the rainwater it holds. Thus, you receive air with improved quality.

Heat island effect reduction

You would have experienced that heat in urban areas is usually higher than surrounding areas during summer days. In fact, it also takes longer to cool down at night and the quality of air is poor as well. This is called the heat island effect that you can reduce significantly by installing a green roof. A green roof adds moisture to the air and cools it down through the process of evapotranspiration. It also shades areas that absorb heat.

Improved ecology

Green roofs offer habitats to several insects and birds. These roofs turn a developed piece of land into greenery. Thus, green roofs lead to improved biodiversity and ecology.

Decreased energy consumption

Decreased energy consumption

Due to heating up of buildings, energy requirements increase a lot when you need to do the cooling of the indoor space. This increases your energy bills by significant amounts. A green roof is one way to reduce that energy expenditure, as it keeps a building cooler during summer days.

Aesthetic improvement

We can design green roofs in different creative ways. Thus, they can also add to the beauty of a building and its surroundings. This beauty helps inhabitants to relax and calm down due to its natural effects.

More open space

Green roofs are usually designed as rooftop gardens that are completely accessible. Thus, it offers additional open space for inhabitants, especially those scorching summer days. You can also use the green roof as a recreational amenity or a community hub where you can meet your friends or neighbors.


A green roof not only looks great, but also offers several other advantages. It can provide benefits in the form of noise reduction, better insulation, improved air quality, etc.

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