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Interesting gadgets that draw power from kinetic energy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

All technological devices require charging without they cannot function for a longer time. Some devices acquire high-energy consumption and we need to look forward towards the alternative sources. At times we are stuck in a situation when our gadgets are out of battery and we are unable to charge them. Researchers have come up with an idea to charge your gadgets through the power generated from your motion of the body such as while walking or any other activity and the energy associated with it is the kinetic energy. Here is list of gadgets that are powered with use of kinetic energy.

Pavegen Tiles

Pavegen Tiles

These Pavegen tiles have designed especially for the areas where lot of walking activity is performed. Created for schools, streets, square where many people walk and these tiles converts kinetic energy into electricity that used for various purposes. It produces enough electricity that can be used up to light street lamps, to power the advertisement lamp boxes on and many more.

RO lighting set

RO lighting set

RO lighting set is created for those people who need to row the boat during night or in the dark. This set works with all kinds of oars and consists of two part light fixture. During the rowing process, the set utilizes the kinetic energy produced and helps in illuminating the area lying along the sides of the boat. This provides better navigation in the dark.


Inspired from the ratchet system, which produces continuous rotary motion only in specific direction, voltmeter is a small and compact kinetic electricity generator. This device is ideally suited for hikers and those who are constantly in motion. The energy generated by this provides sufficient charging for your phones, flashlights or GPS.

Rocking Chair designed by Shawn Kim

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair designed by Shawn Kim made from used material and uses the motion of the chair that produces kinetic and then converts into electricity that used in charging your gadgets. The chair is integrated two channel stereo speaker that can be activated while you are relaxing or listening to music on the chair.

Kinetic Cell phone _3

Kinetic Cell phone

Designed by Ricardo Baiao, Kinetic cell phone focuses on greener technologies with great look. The materials used in making of this phone are glass and aluminum. The main spring of the phone is powered by the use of oscillating weight. The central sapphire glass consists of charging and generating units.


Utilizing every source of energy helps in the reduction of energy consumption. The gadgets discussed convert the kinetic energy into electricity that can be used for charging or providing power to the gadgets.