Interesting products made using bamboo

Most of us tend to relate bamboo to furniture and building materials. However, you can make several other interesting items out of bamboo. Case in point: the following items that are surprisingly, made of bamboo.


ASUS Bamboo Series Notebook

Here is a notebook that boasts of being made of bamboo. Designed by ASUS in relation to the company’s support for environmental sustainability, the beautiful, unique, resistant and incredibly durable notebook can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions above Mount Everest.


iBamboo Speaker

Here is a speaker that can let your listen to some cool music without actually causing harm to the environment. Efficient to manufacture, the iBamboo speaker produces very little waste in the process, and offers a natural resonance propertythat helps to amplify the sound. The device is currently compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.


iZen Keyboard

Have you ever heard of a bamboo keyboard? Well, look at the iZen Keyboard that has been made  using bamboo. It happens to be the very first eco-friendly keyboard on the market, and is recyclable as well as renewable. The keyboard is handcrafted to provide it a unique touch, and offers Bluetooth compatibility as well.


Bamboo Clothing

Whoever heard of clothes being made of bamboo? Yet, there are certain clothes that contain bamboo fibers in them. Bamboos can be processed to produce very thin and light fibers that can be woven into fabrics used for clothing. Most clothes that say that they contain bamboo would not be made entirely of the material though. They would contain only about 20% of the bamboo fibers in them.


Bamboo Umbrellas

We have seen the handles of umbrellas made using bamboo in the past. However, here are some umbrellas that are entirely made of bamboo, including the rod and the canopy as well. These bamboo umbrellas are also called as stationary umbrellas, and consist of a bamboo handle and rod. The top part of the umbrella would be made of hundreds of bamboo fibers that placed one over the other to create the fabric. Most of these bamboo umbrellas are meant to protect you from the sun, and not from rain.

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