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Intricate drawings on discarded wooden boxes – a sight for sore eyes


The kind of creativity in people amazes me these days. The artist in discussion this time is Indigo from Vancouver, BC who has made the proper use of discarded copper, cardboard and wooden boxes. Using these materials as base, especially, discarded wooden boxes, she has depicted her memories in the most intricate manner onto the base of the boxes. Ingenuity at its best. As the discarded boxes are used as a canvas for her drawings, she lends a helping hand to nature by reducing waste of these boxes.

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Using many mediums, she brings forth her creative side, adding life to mediums which would otherwise just have been thrown away. Referring to the art imbibed in the boxes, she blushes saying that the work is the result of her interest in reliving history. By making use of her memories and coupling them up with the memories of strangers, she draws them inside wooden boxes, reliving her own memories over the years. May it be the depiction of brotherhood; the love between two brothers, friends or simply the undying love of a mother for her child, the artist has shown it all. Passionately depicted, the drawings have a certain lure in them. Waiting with bated breath is the day when we would be the proud owners of these beautiful yet surreal pieces of eco-friendly wooden art.

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