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Is AI the answer to the future of agriculture?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Technology is touching our lives in the unique ways, which in turn is going to be beneficial for us in various aspects. Today, technology has virtually hit every industry in the market. The fact that our homes have become smarter, the chances of better health care services are becoming more significant through 3-D Printing and other such useful innovations. Now it looks like technology has also strengthened its roots in the agricultural industry.

The new era and journey of agriculture


Over the years, we have seen how the agricultural industry has grown and evolved to where it stands today. Now it looks like this industry plans to help humankind even more by supplying the necessary food and by ensuring that no one goes hungry. If you are wondering how this is possible, the answers are given below.

Automation and Agriculture finally meets

Automation on its own has seeped into different zones very rapidly over the past few years. The latest venture so to speak is home automation. Now, it is time that automation finally enters the biggest requirement and caters to the agricultural industry in its own ways. Finally it is safe to say that the continuous efforts of various studies, research, trial and error are going to be paid off very soon as automation makes its way to provide some relief for the various challenges the agricultural industry faces today.

This on its own is definitely a new ray of hope for the growing challenges. It can help in tackling over exceeding demands, shortage of supplies and various other factors that come into place. Through this, even something as basic as milking cows will become faster and effective. Although we do have certain effective technologies, there is nothing wrong in having something better which can work faster and efficiently.

The present challenges faced by the agricultural industry


Currently, the industry is undergoing many challenges to fulfill the demands of growing worldwide population. With the rate of population increasing every year, the demand for agricultural products is increasing even more. No doubt, the present technology that is available in the industry does provide help, however, the industry also needs something better and bigger.

The solution lies in advanced and innovative technologies

With the help of innovative technological advancements, the industry will not only just cater to the needs of the growing population but it can also come up with enough reserves in case of any natural disasters . This on its own is one of the biggest benefits that advance technology can offer to humankind.

Tractors equipped with steam power

steam-powered tractor

With the help of new technique and agricultural technologies, the industry plans to come up with steam-powered tractors, which can help farmers during the farming process. This means that wide swaths of land will easily be ploughed with these tractors. Along with that, there are also plans to come up with seed drills that farmers can use to sow the seeds deeper into the ground and in longer uniformed lines.

Introducing the future of farm workers


The word drones on its own is a strong stigmata, which comes in handy for various needs. It looks like now this beautiful innovation is soon stepping into the agricultural industry to mark a new future. The manual work that presently is done by humans will soon be done with the help of drones. Along with that, there are also plans to use these drones in different kinds of projects pertaining to the agricultural industry.


Concluding note and the final thought

With all the latest innovations, breakthroughs and advancement we can surely see a new ray of hope. In the upcoming years, agriculture will soon become hi tech in every way possible. The fact of the matter is that, right now these new technologies are still on the testing phases in various parts of the globe. We have yet to understand and analyze a lot of information, which can help companies to come up with newer technologies for the industry. Since this error marks the beginning of innovative technology, you can surely say that the future in the agricultural industry will soon be in the hands of artificial intelligence that can meet every challenge head on without any compromises.