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Islands that Run on Wind and Water Energy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A large number of sustainability efforts are being made across the world, so that we could witness a greener and energy-efficient future. In this run, people are turning more toward renewable sources of energy. Two of the natural resources that are easily available and accessible on islands include wind and water. On many islands, steps are being taken to make use of wind and water to generate sustainable power. If this can be done successfully, then islands would no longer need to depend on the traditional fuel sources. This would not only help inhabitants stay healthier, but would also maintain the cleanliness of our environment. Check out some of the islands where such efforts are being made successfully.

El Hierro Island, Spain

El Hierro Island, Spain

El Hierro is a small island that is part of the Canary Islands in Spain. Efforts are on to make this island the first such island that will be fully self-sufficient in terms of energy. This island will gain all its energy from the power of water and wind only. It is a place where plenty of wind is available all through the year. Thus, plans are to open multiple wind farms that can convert the wind energy to usable power for this island.

The island has around 10,000 inhabitants. There are plans to install five turbines to generate around 11.5 MW of power that would be more than the total demand of these inhabitants. Conditions on this island are supportive for providing a non-stop supply of power that would be generated using wind and water. Any surplus power can be used to pump water from reservoirs. This water can further be used to generate electricity. Thus, self-sufficiency of this island would save a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions on a constant basis.

Block Island, USA

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Block Island is located close to Rhode Island where five wind turbines are installed to capture wind power. This wind power can serve the energy needs of the Block Island. The offshore facility located in Rhode Island state waters is a 30-megawatt wind farm that is expected to generate sufficient energy to power around 17,000 households. The power that is generated by this facility will be exported through a submarine cable via the Block Island Transmission System. It will be sent to the mainland electric grid for further use.

Island of Eigg, Scotland

Island of Eigg, Scotland

This Scottish island is making efforts to fulfill its power requirements from the wind and water energy. It has an electricity grid that runs on wind and water energy. While this island also makes use of solar energy, it has powerful turbines to capture the energy of wind and use it to power cottages.

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Rottnest Island, Australia

Rottnest Island has a wind turbine installed to generate power. Using the energy of wind, this turbine supports around 35 percent of the power needs of the entire island. The current facilities on this island are supposed to reduce greenhouse gases by a significant amount of 1,100 tons a year.


Several islands have started making use of their natural resources to generate power. These islands are going self-sufficient by using water and wind energy.