ISU students collaborate to build chairs from recycled cardboard

ISU students collaborate to build chairs from recycled cardboard

Designers from all around the world are coming up with ways to give recycling the popularity it deserves. People often tend to shun from buying recycled stuff as they think these don’t look good. However, the sole reason behind them not looking good might be the lack of attention that they suffer from. To point out the same, designers have come up with innovative furniture ideas utilizing stuff like recycled cardboard, reclaimed wood, stuff cans, discarded bottles, etc. Apart from being eco-friendly, these usually cost much less when you compare them to other designer furniture. Here is how even students of ISU are bringing eco-furniture to life by building chairs using recycled cardboard.

ISU students build chairs from recycled cardboard

corrugated cardboard chairs 1

A team of eight Indiana State University students collaborated with the graduate student Ming-Chia Chen to create recycled-cardboard-chairs for her master’s thesis exhibition. Created by the Family and Consumer Sciences 151: Design Fundamentals students, the chairs are solid enough to support a 250-pound person.

As students – divided into groups – were not allowed to use glue or other adhesives in assembling the chairs, they showed exemplary precision in sketching the chairs and assessing the weight of the human body beforehand. Still, it was never that simple a task for them. Aside from working during class hours, students devoted 20 hours more outside of class. Well, it does not mean that Chen was doing nothing all through the process. Instead, she designed a coffee table and a bar for her exhibit that is scheduled to go on display April 9 in the University Art Gallery in the Center for Performing and Fine Arts.

corrugated cardboard chairs

ISU students collaborate to build chairs from recycled cardboardVia: ISU News

Some more recycled furniture and decor ideas

Check our these 15 furniture and decor items made of recycled cardboard and other waste materials:

1. Shopping cart chair

Shopping Cart Chair

This creative Shopping Cart Chair is definitely not designed considering the body ergonomics. However, this adaption of a shopping cart into a comfortable is worth a look. It is a well-detailed chair, which sports a structurally-sound seat. You can bend the chair slightly. The soft cushion on the back and the arm rest is surely useful. It also adds plush appeal to the overall look of the chair. You can use these attractive and funky chair during your BBQ parties.

2. The Boule Table

The Boule Table has a very unique design. It is made from scrap roll cages and French boules. The table top is finished using car spray paint. The design looks like a beautiful, artistic painting.

3. Crushed-can chair

Crushed-can Chair

These crushed can furniture pieces are simple and vibrant. Of course they won’t blend with all interior design schemes, but are robust. You can use them as an outdoor furniture. They will go well with the rugged environment. Don’t worry no one will really notice the rust on the chairs.

4. The Metal Art – Lantern/metal candle holder

The Metal Art – Lantern/metal candle holder is shaped from the metal candle holder.

5. Old sports equipment chair

Old Sports Equipment Chair

Are you a sports freak, or anyone else in your family loves sports. Then it’s certain that you might have a collection of some old sports equipment. Are you worried about the accumulating stuff? Here is a simple way to use all these old sports equipment. You can cleverly reuse them and create funky furniture. Given is one such example. The picture shows how easy it is to create chairs from recycled stuff. In fact, this chair is designed using just a baseball bat, while the skateboard is used to design a table. It may not suit your current furniture setting and living style, however, you can also design one and gift it to one of your friends who is a sports fan. He will indeed love this sporty yet personally recycled furniture present.

6. The Bomford Garden Bench

The Bomford Garden Bench pop out of scrap farm parts and features a Bomford flail skid (the seat), New Holland Combine dividers (the back rest) and shock absorber springs. Its rusty look is something that gives uniqueness. It is just perfect to adorn any garden.

7. Dishwasher drum table

Dishwasher Drum Table

Have you ever considered a dishwasher drum to be reused as a furniture piece? Take a look at this recycled dishwasher drum table. It works well as a side table. Once transformed, the odd object suits its new roll. It works well as the base of a cylindrical table. You can also add some interesting lighting patters with it. In addition, the hollow center makes the table a light and versatile furniture.

8. A Taste of Orange – Metal Table

A Taste of Orange – Metal Table was built keeping in mind many things, the artist want it not only to be functional, but also work as a work of art – a sculpture, a painting and a decorative object. Looking at it you would never believe that it made from recycled metal tubes and plate that have been shaped and sculpted. The orange color you see on it is durable bright summer orange powder paint. The table top is hand painted with vibrant enamel paints.

9. Old bathtub couch

Old Bathtub Couch

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and are wondering about what to do with the huge and awkward old bathtubs, then we are here to help you. As shown in the picture you can also transfer your big bathtub into a useful couch. With some simple modifications, you can deal with these huge relics. You can design a romantic love seat or a kitch creation. There are innumerous options, so think of one that suits you.

10. The Tube Chair

The Tube Chair one of the stylish chairs using recycled materials as its material. It works both as a chair and sculpture. Made by welding old, different sized steel tubes together, this chair makes visually appealing from all angles.

11. Old CD chair

Old CD’s Chair

With the development in the IT industry, everything related to computers and laptops is getting smaller and fewer. Earlier, people used to use lots of CDs. Few of the simple reuses for the CDs are coasters and dangling decorations. However, to add to your surprise we would suggest you use the old CDs in designing a creative chair. Of course, it is a pretty compact way for reusing loads of CD all at once. Moreover, you have to wonder whether the CD chair is going to be comfortable or not.

12. The V – Bench

As the name suggests, the V-Bench is a stylish bench that is designed din the shape of the alphabet ‘V’. It is created from reclaimed girders and mahogany drawer runners.

13. Cycle spokes table

Cycle Spokes Table

Don’t throw away that smashed and bent bike wheel. Now you would be wondering what to do with it, so here is the solution. You can put together the broken pieces into various useful and attractive furniture pieces. As shown in the picture you can design some eye-catchy center tables and side table.

14. Circadian – Glass Table

Built out of reclaimed engine parts and scrap steel tubing is the beautiful Circadian – Glass Table. The hardened glass top that adds to the aesthetics is also reclaimed. This table is just perfect to place that hot coffee cup on and keep your juicy conversation going.

15. The Contemporary Table

The Contemporary Table by Loukas Morley

The Contemporary Table by Loukas Morley and Ashwin studio features recycled metal frame with an elegant wooden table top.

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