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Italians unsuspectingly buy ‘recycled’ lethal toys for their kids


Ever heard of buying a lethal toy? This is the story of what happened to a few ignorant buyers in Italy. A souvenir shop in Siena, Italy sold toys that could have proved fatal. The toys were made from real AK 47 bullets. The shop also sold AK 47 rifles, Chinese military caps and bullet-pierced helmets. The bullets were recovered by a Siena financial guard in a control operation. On further investigation it was found that the owner of the shop had got these bullets from a warehouse in Florence. Both the owner of the warehouse and the toy shop are Chinese. It is suspected that these bullets were shipped from mainland China.

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The bullets were used as raw materials to create toys in the shape of airplanes, guns, tankers etc. The toys were sold at a price of €10 each. The nature of the raw materials used in these toys were not known to the buyers, as most of the buyers did not have any basic knowledge of the guns. Had the buyer been a knowledgeable person in the use of guns, the purchase could have become a fatal one if misused. The purchase could have also become disastrous beyond imagination if a child would have accidentally dropped the toy on a hard surface.

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The Italian authorities discovered on inspection that the Kalshnikov cartridges had steel bullets in them, unlike the lead ones which Italian armed forces used. Steel bullets are much more dangerous than the lead ones.

This is an eye-opener for all. The saying “Ignorance is bliss” does not stand justified here as ignorance itself in this case was the cause for putting many lives at risk. It is imperative that we know what we are purchasing and also for shopkeepers to know what they are selling. Keep your eyes opened the next time you buy something for a child.

Via: Oddity Central