Home Recycling Guide Five items from the trash bin that can beautify your garden

Five items from the trash bin that can beautify your garden

Making a foster greenhouse effect

For nature lovers and gardening addicted buddies, one most important thing is to retain their plant and garden assets in most living and healthy situation among all unfamiliar surrounding. There are also some of major available ‘waste’ items also which give garden plants a full fledged growing fuel. Here are five best ‘waste but useful’ items are listed down which anybody can use broadly to nourish their garden whether there is need for indoor plant of fully itemized outdoor plant and also empty flower – vase and also frost damaged plants.

Some of useful trash items for gardens are listed down:

Modern and useful cinder chunks

Cinder blocks are one of the most useful things to grow specific type pf plants. Herein Aloe Vera is planted in cinder blocks. Whenever there are extra cinder blocks, they can be used as planters. As they can be used like planters, first they give plant a best root treatment healthy base.

Steps to follow: To use them as planters, first make it to sit as its upright position as shown in the figure. Place all of the block wherever you want in gardens. Put together all of the soil in the cinder chunk (empty part – hole). Then plant any of the desired plant or aloe vera or agave etc. Then the rest thing to do is to water the plant and thus the plant will grow at its best of the level at no cost.

Wine bottle water based plants

Waste old wine or beer bottles can be used perfectly to grow hydro plants and this provides finest nourishment to the little plant. Such type of trash bottles are thus a supplementary as the water planters and is best suited for small home gardens also.

Steps to follow: To use such type of bottles, firstly wash the bottle thoroughly with water and pour clean water in them. Then with the plant to be grown, cut out the leaves remained on the stem of the plant. Take off some of the leaves of the plant also if there is any necessity. After then just keep that leafless part of the stem in the watered bottle and enjoy a finest grow of the plant in wine bottles.

Making a foster greenhouse effect

Though plastic ‘lemonade’ containers are recyclable but they can be used for planting of seeds to create green house effect. This mini green house gives seeds a fully warm surrounding to grow and allows gardener to set them out side in the open space to grow when weather is perfect for plant.

Steps to follow: Get firstly a cleaned and powdered ‘lemonade plastic container’ and also a plastic rapper or small bag. First make the container wide apart by cutting specified upper narrow part of the container. Then after, punch out some little holes at bottom side to facilitate drainage and put soil and water in the chunk. Make a small divot type gap in the soil by pressing a single finger and plant single seed in every such type of divots. After this just cover and enclose the container with a plastic bag except a bottom part of the box and make seal using rubber band. It would be desirable to use a full transparent plastic for sealing to see development of the plant seedlings from outside. And put in to the direct sunlight near window or open porthole. Check out moisture level and water the seed frequently and again pack the chunk with plastic bag.

Egg carton as planter

Egg cartons works as a good plant seedling item. This type of method is best suited for indoor seeds to grow and also for the surroundings where before spring warm surrounding is available.

Steps to follow: At starting, take any of the dozen or half – dozen egg carton and cut out its lid. At the bottom of each of the eggs’ sit, make some of small sized holes. Fill out soil in the carton and put single seed in each single egg’s sit or section and water thoroughly the whole carton.

Waste items as planters

As different as useful planters, old mailboxes and tea kettle are also of great use. This is most common and effective ‘best from waste’ items available as planters!

Steps to follow: Take any type of small to medium mailbox and make some holes to its all walls and then fill out soil and water and this will works as a perfect and fast growing planter segment for small plants. Also tea kettle with broad wide opening mouth can be used as planters.