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iTimber iPhone 4 case elegantly crafted from natural wood

iTimber iPhone 4 Cases & Stands

iPhone is the most loved gadget and has managed to take the world by storm. If the phone is special then how can the accessories that come along be ordinary? Kencheng has designed a cover for iPhone 4, which has been christened the iTimber case.

The case has been crafted from natural wood and has been engraved with attention-grabbing details. It won’t harm the planet in any sense, unlike plastic versions that are loaded with toxins. The handcrafted case is available in four options that will leave onlookers mesmerized. A buyer can flexibly pick iTimber made from Dark Walnut, Walnut, Maple and Rosewood. Each one is accompanied by a dock that will make your phones stand undauntedly.

It has been crafted in an ingenious manner and comes fitted with all the important features. The case has appropriate openings for camera, mute button and headphone jack. The most striking feature is the volume and power buttons, which have also been crafted from wood.

Since, every case is made from a single piece natural wood don’t expect all to look the same. Each will have a unique appearance of wood grain, which will make it aesthetically attractive. iTimber case comes with a price tag of $54.99 USD, which is a very small price if you want to drape your beloved gadget in a unique and natural manner.

Via: technabob