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Jc Floor Lamp – An example of innovative craftsmanship

Floor lamp

There are numerous waste objects that you would have seen being recycled and reused to create some beautiful items. That is because the creators saw some beauty in those waste objects and thought it could be converted to something stylish. But, have you ever given a thought to reuse the kind of disposed-off objects that are not beautiful or stylish to look at, and are just used for some routine domestic or commercial use? If not, here is something that could amaze you with its glow and brightness. People generally take it as a commercial-use product that is hardly reusable, but a designer has observed and appreciated the beauty in this object too. It is a simple industrial drum that has been modified to design an innovative and amazing floor lamp – the Jc Floor Lamp!

A Rigel Duran design, the Jc Floor Lamp is a unique product offered by ARD Atelier, an industrial design workshop that operates from and launches its products in Mexico City. The exclusive floor lamp has been carved out of those industrial drums that otherwise hold gasoline or similar liquid materials. Also, the designer has combined the beauty in a simple drum with the aesthetic elements present in regular power cables and industrial plugs. Without giving the final product a look, nobody would expect such waste drums and cables to shape up into an object that is so starry and cool, with a capability to add a sparkling touch to a dark room!

The Jc Floor Lamp has dimensions of 23 x 30 x 23 cm, and is composed of materials such as polyethylene and aluminum. This small glowing lamp is created using a fuel container as the screen, and a solid aluminum frame that acts as a base stand on the exterior, while sweeping through the interior parts. There is an easy assembly of electrical wiring and heavy-duty industrial plugs to power the light bulb fitted inside the Jerrycan. Such an assembly makes the design flexible and simple enough to assemble or disassemble as and when there is a requirement for component replacement or product disposition. Additionally, all the components of this lamp are replaceable. So, the product seems to have a longer life while being quite effective for daily use.

The lamp screen being translucent, its glow looks very soothing and does not strike your eyes. It is quite radiant even while it has been placed in a far-off corner of a room. The Jc Floor Lamp can make your bedroom or your study room look quite different as it is a unique creation that everyone would like to check out. You may also place this lamp on the floor of your porch’s corner, or in a shed at the back of your house. The white light passing through a container gives this lamp such a creative look, as if it were a slow-moving and sweet-looking creature that has crawled down a dark room with light energy being generated within its body!

Via: ARD Atelier