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Jewelry design students explore sustainability to make their annual show a hit

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London based Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design has developed a reputation for pushing the boundaries of arts, design and performance and this time around it puts its best foot forward and encourages eco fashion. The second year BA jewelry design students came together to put up an eco-friendly fashion show on April 1. An “exploration of what it means to be sustainable” was a show that promoted green fashion. It was for the first time in their six-year-running annual show that the students brought sustainability into the limelight.

The show got a grand start with opening pieces like structured bamboo bodily extensions by Steph Bila and a dripping wax choker by Crystal Burden. These costumes opened avenues for metal and biodegradable costume wear in sculptural shapes and forms. Hai Qing She’s dried rose petals collar is something I absolutely adore. The red color not only adds style and glamour, but also signifies the love with which it has been created. Fern Jelleyman layered silver metal tubes on top of each other as neck and wrist formations, while Wenting Cheng made a three-dimensional blood-red cotton wool sculpture.

Nina Van Houten’s interwoven knit headpiece made from recyclable garbage bags is another piece that received appreciation. Looking like organic earth decompositions, the fortune-teller string earrings and bracelets are a brainchild of Hayley Evans. Students served the guests organic wine and gave them goody bags made completely using recycled paper. Here’s hoping that this green effort forces many designers to look towards green and ethical fashion.

Via: Fashionista