Jungeun Lee’s new waste-free method of creating garments

Jungeun Lee Molds Fibers into Zero-Waste Garments

Jungeun Lee, a student studying textiles at the Royal College of Art has devised a new way of making cloth in an unconventional way. Now you do not need needles and threads and the art of skillfully cutting the cloth, as her method involves wrapping a synthetic yarn around a dress mold and then upon application of heat, the fibers fuse together in order to form a seamless three-dimensional apparel.

These “Wrapped Garment” are an innovative way to reduce the huge volume of scrap material that emerge while sewing together, hence is very eco friendly. However, on the flip side, since the threads or fibers used are synthetic and petroleum based, therefore, the raw material does reduce the ‘green’ aspect of this kind of apparel. Nevertheless, the fact that the manufacturing of these garments has zero wastage is ‘green’ enough to negate the ‘synthetic’ fibers.

Lee is also a part of a collaborative garment venture using this ‘Wrapped Garment’ technology called Studio Koya, that designs and makes innovative one-piece 3D apparel. So now you can go ‘green’ and look stylish without even having to worry about seams!

Via: Ecouterre

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