Keep your mobile office and life organized with the solar-powered, anti-theft lifepack

Do you work on the go or on your will? If yes, then you may find yourselfcarrying your mobile office. However, your backpack may mess things up when your wires entangle in your laptop or your socks stick to your food box.To avoid any hassles of carrying your mobile office, Solgaard Design has come up with an innovative backpack that is not only resistant to theft, but is also powered by green energy of sun. Lifepack is a clean option for you and the environment. Check out how it is more useful than your regular backpack.

Design features and functionality

Lifepack has a wonderful and usable design. While its front compartment accommodates your personal stuff, its back compartment is made to carry your laptop and work accessories. This backpack has dimensions of 18.1×11.6 x 6 inches.As it runs on solar power, it includes a solar panel and battery bank with USB charger. It also has Bluetooth speakers and a preview life that keeps showing the level of remaining battery. Its high-capacity battery can offer around 12 complete charges for an iPhone 6. Further, the backpack includes two USB ports and Aux cable connection.This backpack is installed with an integrated lock. You can lock zippers, as well as secure your backpack to another fixed object.

Ease of use and effectiveness

Lifepack is designed to be waterproof and drop resistant. Thus, it is very easy to handle it in any weather. You will not have the risk of spoiling or breaking anything, as it has internal air cells to protect your laptop and multiple layers of foam and fabric between compartments.With a total weight of around 2.5 pounds, you will not have much trouble carrying it on your back or even holding it at times. The backpack comes with side pockets to fit your water bottleeasily. Its Lifezone and Workzone compartments make it comfortable for you to stuff your objects in the assigned sections safely and securely. It has enough space to accommodate a variety of objects.

Usefulness of Lifepack

Your travel life can become far simpler and more organized with Lifepack. As you may lock it anywhere and its zippers stay strongly locked, it becomes theft-resistant. Its concealed pockets at the back also protect your important documents like your passport, credit cards, or smartphone. You can enjoy sunshine on the go while it charges your smart devices using its solar bank.Thus, you will almost never run out of your smartphone or laptop battery. You can also listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Lifepack is a multitasking backpack for you that accommodates your personal use items and work stuff nicely and safely. This solar-powered bag charges your gadgets and allows you to listen to music while you are working or on the go. It is a convenient option to carry your mobile office in a structured way.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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