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Kenyan man creates low-tech anaerobic digester

anaerobic digester 1

If we dwell on the intent that goes into the making of the simple apparatus (pictured above), the inventive work deserves praises for sure. The Anaerobic Digester, created by David from the Kenyan Community Initiative Support (KCIS), is made from a drum, a valve and some pipes. The low-tech contraption breaks smaller amounts of organic waste into methane.

anaerobic digester 2

When the digester produces methane, the balloon is puffed up. At the moment, the Anaerobic Digester needs a storage drum and a water-filled header tank to maintain constant pressure through the entire process. Aside from bringing about these changes, David is also working on the loading and desludging process to make his digester more efficient.

anaerobic digester 3

anaerobic digester 4

Via: AfriGadget

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