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Kenyan Mediastation is a green space for communal interaction

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While serving their primary purposes, the malls, shopping complexes, libraries and education centers also act as the points of access for urban folks. Creatives at Node 996 have conceived a media station that will hit the same key but with a green difference. Proposed for an informal slum settlement of 250,000 called Mukuru Kwa Njenga, in Nairobi, Kenya, the Mediastation will tout a host of green features, such as roof-mounted solar panels (for powering the station) and rainwater harvesting (for use in toilets and for irrigation).

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The stone-construction makes sure that the temperature inside the mediastation is unaffected by external temperature variations. The four-stories-tall-columns create a natural space for air and natural light of day. So, the need for electric illumination is minimized. Some recyclable garbage radio waves and positive vibrations are the only refuses. A wind generator atop the tower makes the best possible use of the constant monsoon wind to produce electricity. Open fields surround the building to create space for basketball and tennis courts, root zone bank and a garden. Hope the proposal moves beyond the concept stage some day!

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Via: Open Architecture Network