Home Eco Friendly Guide Khoh, the bamboo-made waste bins, to be used inside IIM Shillong campus

Khoh, the bamboo-made waste bins, to be used inside IIM Shillong campus


The Khoh is originally a multi-purpose basket that is used by the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya to ferry goods to the marketplace, to carry children and elderly. It is shaped like a cone that is made up of tightly woven bamboo strips to form a conical shape which is carried on the back using a head strap. The very khoh has recently been given another usage – that of a ‘green’ dustbin – by the students of ECoBiz Club at IIM, Shillong, India.

The institution faced a scarcity of dustbins and the very few that were on the campus were made out of plastic – a non-biodegradable product. The student, therefore, took the onus upon them and with the help of Meghalaya Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation, installed 10 bins in the campus to facilitate cleanliness and the ‘green’ message.

Apart from keeping the campus clean, theses bins have indirectly resulted in lesser wastage of food which was a serious issue. Bamboo is found in abundance in the Northeast of India and is grown locally. Hence these bins, not only promote the handicraft of the state but they also promote the sustainability of the raw material.

After these novel khoh bins, the IIM eco club would be putting in efforts to construct a compost pit for biodegradable campus waste along with rainwater harvesting. IIM Shillong would soon earn the status of the ‘green’ management institute for its persistent pro-environment efforts.

Via: TelegraphIndia