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Kitchen Garden: Designers revamp old garden using reclaimed materials

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Made from reclaimed materials, the Kitchen Garden is designed for the prestigious annual design event named Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts 2011. This is a fabulous example of green living by the two designers – Katharine Parra and Alastair Boase. In a very limited time, the designers have created a lovely looking garden out of almost nothing new or expensive.

The creators have named their creation as “Mr. McGregor’s Kitchen Garden”. It consists of a fireplace, pergola (a supporting framework for the creepers), raised beds for vegetables and herbs, walls and bench planters, all made out of reclaimed materials. The garden also has wooden seats and tables and a fireplace to enjoy your meals right there amidst the nature. The fireplace has been made using the bricks that were originally a part of the old house.

Reclaimed Kitchen Garden 3

Not only the structure of the garden, but the decorative items were also made of reclaimed items. The garden has been decorated with fanciful old chandelier garden art, made out of machine parts and wine bottles. In spite of being made out of reclaimed materials, the garden has a very homely feeling to it.

What is Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts?

It is an annual event which takes place in Pasadena, California. The organizers pick a historic home in need of some renovation and assign it to several interior and garden designers to be renovated. Once the work is completed, it is opened to the public and the proceedings are used to fund the annual music programs in the area.

The event is an entirely unique one allowing the designers to work their charm on an old villa or cottage and revive them into something very beautiful and extraordinary. In its own small way, the organization is also supporting green living. The Kitchen Garden is a treat to the eyes of the visitors. It sets an example for all of us to conserve our environment and make something beautiful and green out of the waste materials. As more people get involved in the green movement, we would gradually move towards a greener earth.

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