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Knit for Trees: NYC campaign of wrapping trees in plastic ‘deathbags’

Knit for trees

If you watch TV, surf the internet or read the newspaper, chances are you have a fair idea of what global warming is all about. And we’re sure you know plastic bags ain’t good for the environment. So, how exactly does wrapping perfectly healthy trees with “knitwear” made from old plastic bags help the cause? Here’s the answer.

The people, in charge of keeping New York City clean, have put the “sculptural installation” called Knit for Trees on exhibition in Governors Island and the bizarre undertaking is scheduled to go on through the summer of 2011. The authorities are collecting plastic shopping bags from visitors and asking them to participate in the act as well by the way of helping in the cutting and knitting of garbage. However, there is no possible explanation as to why trees should be wrapped in plastic ‘deathbag’ when everyone knows that’s surely going to kill them.

The name of the campaign is borrowed from a WWI poster that asked women to “Knit Your Bit” i.e. support the war by knitting socks for the
soldiers, i.e., help the government prolong the war and keep protestors (who otherwise would have asked for the war to be stopped) occupied. Seems like the government is trying to tell people that those trees are going to die anyway, why not hasten their death and make them look pretty while we’re at it!