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Things You Should Know About Aquaponics Systems and Ideas to Get You Started

by DrPrem Jagyasi
About Aquaponics Systems

Setting up an Aquaponics system is much easier if you know some basics about the amazing apparatus. Here we’ve brought together 5 simple Aquaponics tips that’ll help you choose the best Aquaponics system for you need. Next, we’ve assembled 5 of the best Aquaponics designs that are easy to set up and save you a lot of hard work and money along the way.

Best 5 Aquaponics Tips

 About Aquaponics Systems

  1. Media-Based Design Is Economical
    Aquaponics system are basically of 3 types – Deep-water culture a.k.a. DWT, nutrient film technique (NFT), and media-based. While the former 2 are based on hydroponics and are more expensive and advanced, the latter one is easier to understand, cheaper, and most favoredby beginners.
  2. Basic Flood & Drain Design Is Easiest To Use
    There are several designs available for Aquaponics system, out of which the simplest is the basic flood and drain design. It is the most common design employed by home-based gardeners. Easy to build, simple to understand, highly customizable, and easy to maintain are a few salient features of the basic flood & drain design.
  3. The Grow Bed Is the Essential Unit
    Grow bed is that part of an Aquaponics system that is used to grow your plants. While choosing the right grow bed, you need to ensure a number of points, including type of seeds, an inert construction material and enough strength to hold out against the downward force exerted by the whole apparatus.
  4. Select an Ideal Location
    You need to select the best location possible for the installation of an Aquaponics system. This primarily depends on the climate and space you’re having at the site. The most preferred location is the backyard but you can also try it installing in the balcony or build a small greenhouse for it.
  5. Several Best Readymade Aquaponics System Are Available
    There are numerous DIY Aquaponics projects available on the Web.Still,if you don’t want to involve yourself into setting up the whole system from scratch, you can get yourself a readymade Aquaponics system.

Best 5 Aquaponics Ideas to Get Started

 About Aquaponics Systems

  1. Bathtub-Style
    It is one of the most favored Aquaponics systems for installing in the backyard. For setting it up, you need to dug up the soil of your pond that will shape up the bathtub later to be used as the grow bed. The drainage system needs to link both the pond and the bathtub in concert.
  2. Shelf-placed
    If you’re running out of garden space, then a shelf-based Aquaponics system might be thebest fit for you. This indoor Aquaponics system can easily match your interior décor and can be placed anywhere inside your home. You can have as many as 4 or 5 levels of the apparatus for meeting all your needs.
  3. Crafted From Garden Scraps
    You can use your garden scraps to build an amazing Aquaponics system for breeding your favorite fishes and vegetables. This design requires only 3-5 feet space and can last for a year. You need some pipes, pumps, barrels, tools, and 2 hours to set up this compact Aquaponics design.
  4. Wall Garden
    You can have a vertical or wall garden with this design concept. All you need to set up this type of Aquaponics system is a water container that can be set up vertically along the wall and a drainage system.
  5. Top Tank Balcony
    This Aquaponics design requires 2 separate tanks, placed one above the other. The tank on the top will act as the grow bed while the one beneath will serve as the drain of the Aquaponics system.