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Ku: A revolutionary bench that provides shelter and light

Eco friendly Bench

A really unique bench, you must have not seen one like this before. This thought provoking design is the brainchild of BonSeop. A really striking exterior, inspired by sci-fi theories, makes this art piece stand out.

The futuristic design concept represents the innovative pattern and idea to the core. The design also borrows from nature as the umbrella shaped canopy reminds you of the trees under which we often take shelter from the sun and rain. Some parts of the shelter on top are transparent while others are opaque. This is so much similar to the trees shades under which we take asylum. The bench has a flower shaped canopy on the top that resembles an umbrella.

What’s even more wonderful is the fact that the covering while providing shelter doesn’t block out light. The petals of the flower are translucent, so some light will always pass through the canopy down to those seated below. Hence, you will have ample of light even under the shade. Also, the sunlight gushing down won’t be harsh blinding you and straining the eyes. The transparent cover ensures that the light passing through is soft. You can sit peacefully in its shade even while sunlight dazzles brightly.

The good news doesn’t end here, this amazing structure will stay lit up in the night as well. The canopy also functions like wind turbine and generates ample energy to provide light even during the night. So when you can take shelter under it at night, you won’t be left groping about in the dark. For the wind turbine to operate you should set up the bench in a windy place. Only then wind power can be used to work up the turbines. Using renewable energy this way will help to conserve resources and will glorify the bench as an eco savvy discovery.

We must not forget another important detail; this is one of the first few benches that incorporates a shelter in its design. This is a simple yet really great idea that no one has thought of before. So if you can’t find a ride when you are caught in the rain or an icy storm, then you can shield under the canopy of this bench. It will also provide refuge from the hot blazing sun during the day.

These benches are ideal for using in parks, gardens, lakesides, and town squares where a lot of people tread by daily. They will also enhance the beauty of their surroundings; the floral bloom shape with a stem below is quite attractive. The hexagonal shape that the petals form on top looks groovy. When many of these are set up together, the area will look like a dandy flower garden. This fanciful designer bench is available in three colors; purple, green and blue. This really ingenious bench is designed by the South Korean born BonSeop and has been dubbed as ‘Ku’. Kudos to the designer for coming up with a blend of something functional as well as eye catching.

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