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Kurt Tong offers unique paper objects with his afterlife art

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‘Funeral’ is a ritual which is held in relation with the burial and cremation of the deceased. Every community has its own rituals that vary from place to place. In china, traditional Funeral ceremonies include burning photos of effigies and offerings. These offerings are objects, animals or people that the deceased liked and by burning them during the funeral they feel that it will reach the deceased in their afterlife.

An exhibition at London’s Kemistry Gallery by Photographer Kurt Tong’s showcased the fact that how these paper effigies are taking an all new shape in modern times. His creations are eco-friendly and has a touch of capitalism attached to them. The exhibition will open on May 12th and Kurt should be all prepared to fetch praises for his afterlife art.

To give the deceased a similar lifestyle as he/she was accustomed to on this planet, paper effigies/objects are crafted and burnt accordingly. The artist has crafted luxury bags like Louis Vuitton for those who loved to live a modish life. If the deceased is a lover of music for that photographer Kurt Tong has an iPod made out of paper. Roller-skate, Viagra, bird cage and even a cage has been crafted.

These strange looking paper objects have been planted on a very basic black background which makes them look all the more tranquil. The artist for his skills in the year 2008 was awarded the Jerwood Photography Prize.

Via: DesignWeek