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Lanesafe heads up display lets you drive right always


If you wish to drive in a foreign country, where the rules of the road are reverse, then I assure you that the “Lanesafe” is just what you would want. This clever device is a windscreen mounted heads up display which constantly reminds you which side of the road you should be driving on when abroad. Sporting an attractive design, the unique patented Lanesafe display is solar powered.

The Lanesafe is designed to suction cup to your windshield and project a green arrow/red X constantly to help you drive on the correct side. It comes equipped with solar panel that not only helps the display function during the day, but juices up a battery to illuminate at night too. Its reversible nature makes it perfect for use in all countries worldwide. For days when the sun is not out you could also 12v in-car charger. I believe paying $33 for a life saving device like Lanesafe is not too much a price or is it?

Via: OhGizmo