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Lastika: The eco friendly designer chair

Designed for the Italian manufacturer LAGO by designer Velichko Velikov, the Lastika chair is an unusually styled chair. Presented recently at the Salone Mobile Milan 2011 as well as the Milan Design week, the chair with a semblance to a daisy flower has been gathering rave reviews. The Lastika chair with its uncommon design has attempted to bring about a fresh air to the prevailing home furniture designs. Other than being eco-friendly, the simplistic design of the Lastika makes it instantly likeable.


The design for this innovative chair is based around a circular metal tubular frame that has attached to it 40 bright and multi-coloured elastic belts, each made of environmentally friendly material and which converge at the centre into another smaller metallic tubular frame. This design is supported by four legs which add to the stability of the design. Appearing to be minimally endowed, except for the multi-coloured belts, the Lastika chair however comes into a life of its own when seated on. The multitude of elastic belts gives a rocking sensation on the smallest body movement, thereby adding to the fun quotient of the chair. In addition, the large number of elastic belts also provides comfort as the weight of the body gets evenly distributed onto the chair.


The minimal use of metallic structure as well as the complete absence of external arm rests make the chair extremely lightweight as well as help exude an informal look. Minimal usage of metallic structures or wrought iron in the design has made the Lastika extremely stackable and a piece of furniture that one would desire to have as a reading chair, a garden chair or even in the kids’ playroom.


In addition to this, the light-weight feature of Lastika renders it easy to transport. Furthermore, there is an extensive use of the elastic belts in the design of this chair. This adds to the green credentials of the chair’s design as it is therefore easily washable and durable. Also, elastic belts being easily available in the market can be replaced on snapping, thereby preventing creation of junk and broken furniture.

In short, the Lastika chair not just adds to the décor of the house with its unusual design but also contributes to eco-friendliness in its own small way.

Via: Contemporist