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LED Equipped bulbs to light the way to the future

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Thinking of replacing those fused bulbs in your house since very long and are also worrying about the shooting electricity bills? I think now is the right time to switch over to a totally new concept of lighting bulbs which will illuminate your dwellings the eco friendly way. The Cradle to Cradle bulbs are the thing of the future. Expressed as the “the brightest warm light LED replacement available”, the creator of Switch Lighting is very proud of their invention. The point worth a mention is that the bulb has been made of parts which are completely recyclable and reusable, thereby, adding to the worth of the product.

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These bulbs, like the normal day to day bulbs, are available in 40W, 60W and 75W. Being built in a self cooling design, they have the capability to maximize brightness with the best part being that they hardly require any LED’s inside them to provide light.

Switch Lighting, a San-Jose based firm, is a new company and has recently launched the LED induced bulbs. The concept looks promising as per a news release and it would not be too surprising if they replace the normal bulbs in the coming days.
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The 75W bulb comes equipped with 1150 lumens, 16watts, 2750 Kelvins, 85 CRI, and a 20,000 hour average life. As all the parts are recyclable and reusable, once the bulb reaches its end, it can be recycled and reused in the best possible manner. In the same way, the 60W equivalent has 830 lumens, 13 watts, 2750 Kelvins, 85 CRI, and a 20,000 hour average life. The bulbs have been priced at around $20 for the 60W and the 75W bulb would effectively cost around the same amount.

The new concept would be unveiled at the Light Fair in Philadelphia from May 17-19 this year and I’m pretty sure that the concept will be a hit once it’s released for sale to the local dealers around. Switch Lighting can expect to have an increase in their revenues this fall once the product goes onto the stands.

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