Home Eco Friendly Guide LegendBlues to show exclusive range of recycled denim to lure our green intension

LegendBlues to show exclusive range of recycled denim to lure our green intension

LegendBlues’s new product line

The main reasons for buying a pair of denims is due to the fact that the sturdy fabric seems to gains character with age and handling. But with time no matter how much passionate we feel for our jeans, wear and tear slowly takes its toll making it obsolete and redundant. But wait,, instead of throwing it away, the strength of denim material can further be put to use and be recycled into other desired item too.

Working on similar lines and envisioning a classic recycling concept with old jeans, Elizabeth Richardson has come up with her own line of custom made denim upholstery and accessories under the brand called Legend Blues. The brand is currently on display at Headers, a high-end retail store located in Great Falls, Virginia, USA.

Originally devised as work clothes, denim-wear became popular among teenagers starting in the 1950s and since then the passion has remained as strong as ever. Upholstery designer and marketing executive Elizabeth Richardson acknowledges her own passion to denim wear in a unique way and harnessing it with diligence has innovated a greener style to breathe in fresh life to the frayed denim wear.

It all began a few years back when a friend of hers required her assistance to remodel an old antique chair left only with its solid framework. She designed a strong support furnishing in the form of her old used pair of jeans that she had been collecting over the years with unbridled passion. With the help of talented craftsmen her project was completed successfully and opened a new avenue to explore and soon she came up with the Legend Blues.

With pillows, throws and furnishings crafted from recycled old blue jeans Richardson recreated solid wood furniture produced domestically corner blocked and professionally finished by gifted artisans. Added to this were accessories of crystals, lace, cotton, cashmere or faux fur that converted her line of furniture of great aesthetics and a magic charm that few could evade.

As with the lure of denims Legends Blues provides furniture to celebrate special occasions that create unforgettable memories to last forever. Impressed with her line of work on upholsterd chairs and ottomans, Joan Barmat owner of Bed-Headers applauded her efforts as the outcome of “creative thinking, quality design, and masterful craftsmanship.” Furthermore her commendable efforts to craft a green lifestyle from forgotten, out-of-style, or unwearable jeans might as well inspire some more of similar environmental geniuses.

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