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Life-size scrap metal horse sculpture: An ‘Unsung Hero’ in the making

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Sculpture artist Nathan Orton’s scrap metal draft horse is a fantastic illustration of judicious and artistic scrap metal recycling. The life-size figure, though inanimate, exudes strength and according to Orton was his first attempt at scrap art.

Passionate about art, Nathan Orton wanders around in search of discarded scrap metal pieces and other such paraphernalia and then begins to weld, paint and build structures that no longer remain mere bits of discarded scrap metal. They assume a new character, shape and design. Nathan is quick to point out that no two creations of his do or ever will look the same.

Orton and his wife own a hobby farm and have more than 40 animals including draft horses. These animals inspire the creativity in him, though Orton says there are times when his ideas pop up inadvertently.

The scrap metal draft horse weighs about 120lbs and has been put up for sale. Orton has used a large number of scrap metal pieces such as chains, saw plates, screws, etc. The structure will require a coat of paint in warmer weather and will probably serve as an excellent advertisement for a shop window.

Via: Etsy