Home Eco Friendly Guide Light your home in various shapes with Electronic Melody lamps

Light your home in various shapes with Electronic Melody lamps

E-M – Electronic Melody Lamp

Fuming Wu has a habit of thinking out-of-the-box and look at things with an entirely different perspective. This time he has brought to you a range of lamps which are a delight to watch. These colorful lamps are not only funky in design and shapes, they are environment-friendly also. These lamps are made up of biodegradable materials, LEd and solar paneling.

So, you can buy the lamps without any guilt at the back of your mind that you are inflicting some kind of damage to mother Earth. The lamps get powered by solar panels and hence are quite reasonable that ways also. Even if you buy 3-4 of them, you can light them all on special occasions without being worried that you are burning a lot of electricity which is a precious resource.

E-M – Electronic Melody Lamp

Another praiseworthy feature of these lamps is that you can make shapes of your own choice out of this lamp as the luminous lines are flexible and can be twisted in various shapes. So, give wings to your imagination and make new shapes on daily basis and never let your guests know that it is the same lamp they saw last time. If there are kids at home, you can keep them happy by making various shapes out of the same lamp and make them smile.

E-M – Electronic Melody Lamp

So, don’t wait anymore. Bring in these small and portable lamps for lighting up your room in different shapes and designs.

Via: Yankodesign