Literature wins the battle against traffic

literature versus traffic

Have you ever imagined of a busy highway that suddenly loses all its mobile aides? Well, I am talking about the gas-guzzling autos, bikes and pedestrians as well. Supposing these are literally swapped with books, scattered all over the place, would you like it (the road) to get back to normalcy? Since we all wish to hold on to anything that could offer us a sort of retreat from the relentless traffic, most of us will say no to it. And that’s exactly what had happened during the early hours of February 17 under Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo, New York.

Literature won the battle against traffic. Would you believe it?

Literature versus traffic:

Battling against the freezing weather, creative folks from Luzinterruptus produced a rare spectacle wherein 800 books lie sprinkled along the road that were made visible using corresponding lights. Gustavo Sanabria did a wonderful job as he came up with some wonderful pictures of the installation. The entire installation took two hours and hung there for about seven hours.

Well, in the end of it all, cars occupied their place, but not before literature had proved its might.

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