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Living Jewelry: Necklaces that can breathe

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Every one today speaks of conservation of ecology and environment but how many do come ahead and make a real difference? The American artist Colleen Jordan is one such person who has come forward to preserve Mother Nature in a stylish and healthy way. She has created a series of living-plant necklaces that help spread a pinch of green wherever you go. Why leave your plants home when you can take them anywhere and everywhere?

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Using modeling software and 3D printing, she creates a unique design, which is given a final touch with hands. She then adorned the necklace with small, green plants. They are not only stunning, elegant and chic, but also environmentally safe. These stunning pieces of jewelry will set you back by just $55. So all you urban fashionistas out there, get ready to breathe fresh and clean air.

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Via: GreenMuze