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Loaded brings together iron and sugar in the form of green designs

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Milan Furniture Fair is one classy affair. It exhibited designs that are not only fashionably forward but a few are high on the ‘clean and green’ level as well. The way an artist thinks and brings materials together can give viewers a sweet surprise and switch them in a thinking mode. One such product is Loaded, which has been conceived by 15 students and budding designers form the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).

These students have intelligently brought together iron and sugar to carve designs which are extraordinary and tasteful. They researched intensively about the history and physicality of these two catalytic materials before putting them to good use. So the designs are not only good to look at but also yummy.

According to Designer Brian Anderson,

Sugar and iron are two materials that represent the American history quite well, with references to the times of slavery as well as the glorious industrial days.

The designer

School of the Art Institute of Chicago has 15 students who have done the institute proud. These students and promising designers have carved dramatic art pieces with their talent using iron and sugar. Valerie DeKeyser, Brian Anderson, Zhe Zhang, Anna Aning’s, Ciara Taylor, Daniel R. Whitneck, Jordan Morrell, Lauren Mosakowski, Morgan Carter’s, Ryan Chorbagian, Stephen Gulau, Cecilia Gómez Lauría, Won Joon Lee, Nathan D. Paoletta and Charlie McArthur have conceived Loaded that is being exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair that are environment friendly.

Green treasure

The Art Institute pushed students to discover the significance of day to day items through Loaded. Fluidity of currency has been investigated through the designs. The whole designing also goes deep inside to see the way things take shape after being affected by global systems of trade, cultural beliefs, longings and passions, without or with alertness. The products displayed by these students was like a whiff of fresh air after seeing things that were atrocious looking, crookedly conceived and had no meaning attached to them at the weeklong exhibition. Usage of recycle materials is a step forward towards saving the environment by these budding designers.

The fab factor

What people discard, thinking is waste has been recycled by 15 budding designers. They have exploited various recycled materials and molded them in art work that is way too aesthetic. They are spreading a message that even waste can be used in a purposeful manner and pumped with life. These designs discover the way objects can be bent by global systems of trade and fluidity of currency. It also tells how designs get influenced by cultural principles/beliefs, yearnings and sentiments. All this keeps happening without considering whether someone is alert of it or not.