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L.OOD: pedestal lamp from recycled stuff

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Now you can light up your living rooms with a pedestal lamp called L.OOD, a concept based on creating open forms and functions from a single refined object. The lamp is made from a combination of recycled materials like lampshades, glass vases, pots, candy dishes and fruit trays. All these small items, after special layering, are reassembled into a new form of pedestal lamp.

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Besides lighting up your living room, this pedestal lamp adds to its attraction. Since this lamp is created from recycled materials, it is just another way of going green. So, if you are thinking of adding value to your living rooms and keeping them green, L.OOD pedestal lamp is the best eco-friendly piece of decor that you can think of.

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Via: ubergizmo.com / yankodesign.com