Looking After the Beautiful Flowering Trees of Missouri

Looking After the Beautiful Flowering Trees of Missouri

The State of Missouri is blessed with a number of beautiful trees and their blossoms. The Flowering Dogwood is a highly popular and beautiful tree. It can be found across the whole of the north. Its blossoms come out in early spring and they are a beautiful white set against the bright red fruit that the tree produces.

This plant and other flowering trees help to make up some of the landscape of Missouri. They provide color, variety, and life to fields and gardens everywhere. However, without proper care, they would be lost.

If you are lucky enough to have one of Missouri’s beautiful trees in your gardens then knowing how to fully appreciate it is very important. Flowering trees don’t just make the world look more beautiful, they provide so many other benefits too.

This article looks at some of the state’s more lovely trees, and how you can care for them, and any other trees that you may own.

Is it worth having a tree on your own property?

The Flowering DogwoodOne question many ask is, is it worth the trouble of having your own tree? It is fair to say that much enjoyment can be had from nearby trees without the worry of maintenance. Perhaps you have low-hanging fruit available to you from your neighbor’s tree, or maybe you have street trees that already provide some shade for your house.

Having trees on your own land though can bring with it many advantages. One of these is financial. A study conducted in Portland, Oregon, showed that trees can add value to a property. This is true even when the tree is not physically situated on the property’s grounds such as sidewalk trees.

However, having the tree on your actual land can do wonders for the house price. Literally, thousands of dollars can be added to the value of a home just by planting a tree.

How does having a tree affect you and your property?

Wild Plum, Flowering Dogwood, Downy Serviceberry, and Pawpaw, can look stunning when they flower. Some of these trees bring a little extra bonus when they yield fruit.

Juneberries can be used to make jams and jellies, and the Pawpaw produces fruit that tastes somewhat like a banana. So, not only do you get natural beauty, but you also get free fruit too – with some of these trees anyway.

Missouri’s native flowering trees look stunning, but they can also provide shelter too. Having any tree in your garden provides shelter from the heat on a sunny day. They can help shade the home too, which can lead to a reduction in air conditioning bills.

Trees could also help cut down cold winds and other elements like hail hitting the home. This could in theory help protect the roof from storm damage, and reduce the chill factor in winter.

Trees also provide playmates for children. Whether that means somewhere to sit without getting sunburnt while playing outside, or a strong branch to fix a swing too. Trees are more than just ornamental.

How do Missouri’s trees help the environment?

Missouri’s treesIt is true that trees can impact the nearby environment and much further away too. Firstly, almost everyone knows that trees produce oxygen, and without them, the world would no longer have its natural lungs.

Trees make this oxygen from carbon dioxide which they trap and convert. This also brings the extra benefit of protecting the ozone layer. This helps to reduce climate change, and at the same time, they also reduce pollutants in the air.

Trees absorb the gases that pollute the air, such as ozone and nitrogen oxides. This is one reason that people often say that the air is fresher in woods and forests. Flowering Dogwood is undeniably beautiful, but it is also working hard to produce oxygen for you and the rest of the environment.

They also help retain water by slowing down evaporation from nearby plants. By shading over plants, they will release water more slowly. They also store water and reduce water pollution by stopping stormwater from reaching waterways.

Choosing trees for your grounds

If you have enough space to grow a tree or more than one, then you may want to know which ones are the best options. In many cases, it will be purely down to your own personal choices.

If you want to see quick results then you should look to plant the fastest growing trees. If however, you are interested in flowering trees, then research which of Missouri’s natives appeal to you the most.

If it is the fruit you are interested in then you may be able to combine beautiful blossoms with something edible. Wild Plum produces small white flowers that will contrast well with your garden and they also yield small but edible plums in the Summer.

Redbud can offer something very different. They have lovely pink-purple flowers, but these aren’t just for show. The flowers from this tree are edible and can be used in salads and other dishes.

When looking to plant a tree it may be worth consulting experienced friends or ever calling a professional.

Should you use professional arborists to look after your trees?

Arborists are trained

If you want to plant your own flowering tree then it could be worth talking to an expert. Planting trees in the wrong place can lead to a lot of work and expense down the line. Planting them too deep can lead to problems with them as they start to grow and may result in premature death.

Trees are living things, and need to be treated as such. Arborists are trained and study for years before they can become certified, and they care passionately about trees. If you want to enjoy one of Missouri’s famous trees in your garden it may be worth looking at our website to get a consultation.

It isn’t only new trees that arborists are interested in. They can also help keep your trees in top condition. There are many things that can happen to trees and without proper care, they can die.

What needs to be looked at when caring for a tree?

Whether you have a flowering tree or something else, they all need some maintenance from time to time. Overhanging branches may need to be pruned. Trees that are getting too close to utility lines will have to be looked at. And damaged trees can represent a real hazard.

Storms are one of the most common ways that trees become damaged. You may have a beautiful cherry tree in your garden and the thought of chopping it down may be heartbreaking. But, if that tree has become unstable due to a heavy storm then it might need to be removed, and it needs to be done professionally. Insurance will usually cover property damage from trees. However, it won’t if you try to remove the tree yourself and cause further problems, or if you negligently leave it and it later falls onto your house or car.


Missouri has a number of wonderful flowering trees that would grace any garden. Perhaps some grow a little too tall for a small garden, but others can provide beauty and shade.

Look after the trees with professional help, and these beautiful plants will look after you and your family for years to come.

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