Home Eco Friendly Guide Loop Coffee Table to loop your decor with grace and poise

Loop Coffee Table to loop your decor with grace and poise

Loop Coffee Table

Imagine a really beautiful center table, complete with red lush color and the best looking intricately woven design! Well, there is not much left to imagine, now that modern design has been given a new name. The loop table by Arktura and designer Chris Kabatsi is a visual of its name. Just a quick mention about the company Arktura. The Loop table and other products are made using the wind and solar energy and are 100 percent nature friendly.

Created in the form of an elegant loop, the table has incorporated fine thin slices of steel loops and it gives you multiple views when viewed from different angles. Enjoy the beauty as it changes shape every time you change places. The best part is this 74″ L X 18″ W X 30″ H table has been made out of permanently connected steel loops, giving it the extra bit of shine, sheen and elegance.

The Loop console has been expertly crafted and boasts of true value for money. Being available for $4995, it includes the shipping charges as well. Last but not the least, the table has been coated with zero VOC finish and can be coupled up with a glass top, adding to its beauty. Use it for your interiors or place it expertly in your patio. The Loop table is available in eight different colors, and promises to match your mood and the home décor.

Via: YLiving