Lovely sustainable products you should have in your home

It is not that hard to live a sustainable life in a modern, urbane setting. You are used to the luxuries of life but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise on the environment. Here are a few products that will help you live in luxury while sustaining the environment –



It can heat up your room without utilizing any electricity and all this at as little as 10 cents a day. Isn’t that one way to get friendly with the environment? It is a fairly durable product and helps you conserve through innovative technology. There is no harm in giving it a try. After all, it isn’t everyday that you can heat your room for a silly 10 cents per day. Egloo sources its power from candles and doesn’t need any electricity to run on.

Natural Speakers


Your heart skips a beat when you know of gadgets like these which are too good to be true. One definitely goes ahead and looks how many people have used it and if it really is worth a try. One will need to take a deep breath and look with eyes open wide that these wonderfully designed speakers exist and they can grace your house too.

These speakers by Korean brand Joon&Jung have been entirely hand-made. All the designers have done is used a bunch of twigs along with a few ceramic cubes. Thus, if you are into both sustainability as well as hi-tech gadgets, these speakers are for you. They come with a natural addition of sound which is nothing about delightful. They have thus been named Natural Speakers.



This is another product that has been fabulously built by Lab Fabrici and is used by quite a few people. The product looks amazing as living room décor and lasts long enough. AERIS + ALTROVE has been designed using all kinds of organic material in order to induce an earthly smell.  Thus, the product is indeed one of its kinds. It is meant to purify the air in your house through natural means and methods and thus, gives your home the feel of nature.

Lives Glass by XindongChe


It is a very small air purifier and is well worth the money. Created by Jonathan or XindongChe, it has a novel concept behind it. The plant is put into the glass that is divided into two parts. The plant is at the bottom and a water tank lies right above it. The water from the water tank keeps dripping into the plant without causing water logging or dryness for the plant. At the bottom part lies another tiny hole so that the plant is well supplemented and passes out enough oxygen.This not only looks beautiful but also keeps the air purified.

Salt Lamp by Salt


This product is a scenic beauty that literally lights you up. Salt is the abbreviation for Sustainable Alternative lighting and the brand itself is also called salt. The brand engages its customers in order to spread awareness and boost sales. So far, the said marketing strategy has been working exceptionally well for the brand. It is definitely the most sustainable way to light up your house.

Grove Ecosystem


It is needless to say that the present ecosystem is constantly degenerating and hence, causing a lot of chaos and imbalance. Grove tries to come up with an ecosystem of its own. It uses the power of nature as well as technology in order to come up with a new system that can help you live healthily for a whole year. The product is surely worth looking at. It has the best LED Grow Lights in the world and is very very conservative of the environment. It is finely designed and it uses the power of the sun and performs photosynthesis to work. It can work in multiple places from houses to classrooms to bathrooms.

Find attractive designs and sustainable products. Innovation is the key, and it sure does look pretty good when paired with sustainable design.

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