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Make beach time more sexy and eco-friendly with Eco Swimsuits

Eco Swimsuits

Eco-friendliness is ready to take a dive in deep waters with the Eco Swim by Aqua Green. These swimsuits have been designed beautifully and pledge not to pollute the earth. The ever-increasing garbage piles pose a serious threat towards our environment. Taking an account of such a trouble, salvaged materials have been used to make swimwear, which will befriend the environment. The designs are wearable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The separates cost $45 – $75, while attractive one-pieces can be yours in $90 – $150. A lot of attention has been paid on the fabric used, which has further been given fashionable cuts. All the designs find heavy inspiration from the ongoing styling at the European fashion houses.

The designers:

Aqua green has its roots in the Lehigh Valley. It is a business that has existed from 4 generations and has pledged to save the world from deterioration. Their Eco Swim range makes good use of sustainable materials and comes with an affordable price tag.

The inspiration:

Our beautiful earth comprises of water bodies, which have not been spared from the harmful effect of pollution as well. In an attempt to bring back the clean factor that came attached with oceans and beaches, Aqua Green came up with Eco Swim. When the company came to life 72 years back, beaches sparkled like a diamond but today they weave a sad look. To make sure that the coming generations get to savor the same experience on a beach, the company switched to salvaged stuff for its swimsuits. This will cut down the carbon level and will encourage many others to embrace an eco-friendly style, which ranks high on the presentation level.

The green factor:

The material used to make these green swimsuits is recycled cotton, polyester and nylon. Even the lining uses reprocessed fabric, while to make the elastic 50% salvaged stuff has been exploited. Eco Swim is an effort to help keep the environment clean and green.

The fab factor:

The super sexy swimsuits will make you slip in a state of awe. Even after gawking for a long time it will be difficult to guess that they have been crafted from recycled materials. They will suit all body types and make the wearer feel graceful and a make them a lover of nature. Eco Wear comprises of a range of bikinis, tankinis and one-piece bathing suits, which have been designed in an eye-appealing manner.

The ensemble:

Aqua Green uses materials collected from all the places in United States. They use a mix of recycled materials (like nylon, polyester and cotton), which are further sent to Pennsylvania for designing, cutting, fitting and sewing. Lately, a lot of material was collected from Delaware River Clean Up for the collection.

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