Make your car contribute towards environment conservation

If you are thinking to take a major step toward environment protection, then go on reducing your car’s carbon footprint. Your car significantly contributes to carbon dioxide emissions while it should contribute to your environment protection efforts by adopting greener practices. There are various ways to zip around in style while still reducing vehicular pollution. Check out some great ways to make your car eco-friendly.

Go for hybrid

 green car

A hybrid car is a great modern invention that is much greener than conventional cars running on fuels. Hybrids are greener, as they run on an electric motor and internal combustion engine. It significantly reduces the amount of pollution created by a regular car. Hybrid cars protect the quality of air by decreasing the output of carbon dioxide. These are highly efficient and save on energy. However, you may go through the following tips in case you are low on budget or may not replace your car as of now.

Alter your driving practices

driving too fast

The way you drive can affect the fuel consumption by your car. Thus, you can mend your driving practices and save the environment. For example, you may avoid applying sudden brakes or a sudden start of your vehicle. Additionally, you may avoid over-speeding and haphazard driving. If your car does not require repainting or parts replacement, there is no need to waste resources. Whenever possible, you may try cutting down on the number of trips you take. In fact, you may walk down on short distances instead of driving down to your destination. All such small efforts integrate to save a lot of fuel and emissions from your car.

Maintain your vehicle

Maintain your vehicle

It is essential to maintain your car by taking it for regular checkups and cleaning work. A tuned-up vehicle pollutes less and consumes less fuel. Thus, get that tire pressure checked and wheel alignment done. You should also unload any extra stuff present in your car, as extra energy is required to carry extra weight.

Go for a carpool


Car-pooling is a great way to reduce pollution and your car’s carbon footprint. Try to find friends or coworkers who travel regularly on the same route to your college or office. A group of friends can then make a pool and share a single car for traveling. For example, if five of you share a car every day, then you all can together avoid four extra trips. Now, you may see how car-pooling can contribute to protect environment in a great way. You not only save huge amounts of fuel and money, but also cut down on pollution and car maintenance.



In the world of technology, you may perform various tasks sitting at home. In that case, you do not need to travel very frequently to your workplace and other locations. For example, you may train a coworker on video chat or teleconference instead of traveling to your office that is located at a significant distance. Thus, less traveling would mean less driving and more protection of your environment.


Your humble car can be harsh on the environment in several ways. It not only consumes precious fuel resources, but also emits harmful gases. By adopting greener driving practices and saving on fuel consumption, you can actually reduce your car’s carbon footprint.

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